Personal and property protection

Protection of property and asset by NGS Protection

The property may be located within the city or in a remote area, our security ensures that it is protected all the time. We are specialist in handling any untoward incident that may take place at such sites. Property Management Security is far more challenging than security of regular sites due to following factors:

    • A. Threat of encroachment is always present
    B. Security Guard may not be alert or physically present, particularly in case of remote sites, as they are usually not monitored .

VIP Protection Service

Personal Security Officers

Close Protection Officer is highly skilled security officer who is deployed to protect top management, celebrities, politicians, high profile people and threatened individuals. We have trained paramilitary officers and Ex-NSG commandos (based on availability) who work as close protection officer to protect VIPs from any threat. We have served many celebrities and politicians by proving highly professional executive protection service in North India.


Events Security

Events are a brand building, fun or entertainment exercises. Least you want is something untoward happening that would ruin the basic purpose of the event being organised. We step in here and take away the security concerns out of your many worries when you are busy organizing an event.

The event security is a very specialised purpose built security operation. Its a small period, high intensity and high vulnerability operation that needs to be managed with finesse. While we are providing all the physical security that is needed, we also understand that the public or participants often seek our assistance, guidance and information. The whole security team will thus have to be closely knit with the event management team. Their involvement of our staff with the happening of things in an event is thus a lot more dynamic and intimate, than usual static security.


Building Security

Security Service of Building – Commercial and Residential

Security of a building has undergone a complete makeover from being a chaukidhar to a professional and trained security guard. Security guards deployed in a building plays a key role in securing the life and assets of the residents and thereby securing the community and city as a whole. Police also appreciate the fact that contribution of private security in societies has played a key role in reducing the crime rate and work load of the police.

Commercial Building Security 

With change in office culture, commercial building aesthetics has also undergone complete makeover. A modern commercial complex is equipped with reception, lobby, multi level parking, health club, CCTV camera, fire alarm system, visitor management system, etc.

We are highly rated security agency for building security in Mumbai. Globe Security is capable of taking care of security needs of modern commercial complex by undertaking following task:

  • Access Control
  • Visitor Management
  • Movement of Material
  • Vehicle and Parking Management

If you are looking for a professional security setup for your commercial complex, choose Natraj Group Security.