Natraj Group Protection Pvt. Ltd.

Natraj Group is guided by a Board of directors who are highly professional and widely recognized in the field of security. It is managed by a young and dynamic entrepreneur, assisted by chosen and highly motivated field staff.

The most attention is given to recruitment of our personal in accordance with stringent parameters laid down as policy. This inc ludes education, age, physical fitness and background. All employees are subject to rigorous vetting. Further the internal Security Department is responsible for verification and background checks on services records of each employee.

Security Services

We recruit the persons and interviewed by us and clients then deployed the selected candidates at with different clients on our roll. Prior to deploying the persons to the clients we train how to take proper action during duty hours, not to misbehave anyone, deposit all type of bills to concern department on priority basis, liaison with govt. offices and maintain the site safe and maintained.

Security Equipments

  1. Baton sticks
  2. Mobile radios (Two way Radios)
  3. Gun safes and key safes
  4. Base radio sets
  5. Whistles
  6. Pocket book and Pen


  • Torch (at night)
  • Metal Detectors
  • Uniform
  • Cellular Phones
  • Dog
  • Vehicles